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EMS Group has been founded by Electrical Engineer Mehmet Hakan CELIK and Mechanical Engineer Engin OZBIYIK in Moscow. The mission of the EMS Group is to utilize our international experience, especially in Russian Federation, Turkey and Ethiopia, in construction, installation and operation of mechanical and electrical systems, commissioning and operational management of the natural gas plants, cement factories, tobacco and automotive factories, airports, shopping malls, office and residential complexes.

Primary target of EMS Group is to develop and provide realistic solutions for the unexpected problems or defects in mechanical and electrical engineering systems that may exist in your ongoing and completed projects.

EMS Group is providing services beginning from the design of the mechanical and electrical systems to the installation, commissioning and start-up phases in accordance with local standards and norms, environmental conditions, employers requirements, international health and safety requirements, required special quality standards as well as operational management of the installed systems according to the clients requests.

In addition to the above mentioned services, EMS Group provides inspection and quality control services for the existing electrical and mechanical systems of office complexes, shopping malls, industrial or public facilities that are already in operation in order to improve their performances or efficiencies. EMS Group may further extend its services by providing partial or complete repair, modification or renovation of the existing systems and structures.

EMS Group provides practical and cost effective solutions for the design, construction and operational phases of the entire spectrum of your facilities.

Telephone + 7 (495) 221 07 59